Welcome to Feila Overseas: Helping Chinese Entrepreneurs Go Global

Feila Overseas is a one-stop service designed to assist Chinese entrepreneurs to start businesses overseas. We help independent developers quickly establish U.S companies, open bank accounts, set up payment platforms and handle tax and compliance issues. You can focus on your product while we handle the rest.

One-stop company registration service, start your business immediately

Our registration service includes: U.S company registration, U.S company address, EIN application, BOI registration, U.S bank account opening, payment platform setup. We can complete the registration process within 3 business days.

Special offer, we provide a free U.S B-type visa application service (embassy fees not included), and a compliant OpenAI API Endpoint for all customers.

Compliance and Annual Services

Submitting annual reports, company renewals, annual tax filing, and tax compliance consulting to help drive your continuous business operations avoiding any potential risks.

We also provide a user community to help you connect with independent developers and entrepreneurs overseas. We’ve attracted some partners who can assist you with more global-related tasks like content localization, data security, network protection, and OpenAI accessibility support.

Visa Services

Visa services were among our earliest offerings, we provide travel and business visa application services covering over 100 countries. Over 90% of the U.S B-type visa applications were approved, so you can trust us with your visa application.

What Do You Need to Do?

You just need to have a real entrepreneurial project, a valid passport, and a U.S phone number (we can help you apply for one), then sign a few documents online.

Pricing and Payment

Why Our Prices Are Low? How to Work

We have established a service system, cooperating with many registration agents and accountants, providing them with more business through a bidding mechanism which helps customers get lower service prices. At the same time, we don’t offer unnecessary services and options, we provide entrepreneurs with the most suitable plan, standardizing services to lower prices.

How to Apply

Send us an email: [email protected], we'll assign a service specialist to serve you one on one, will also provide an online application option in the future. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact us via email.

Privacy Protection

We are a U.S company, all your data are processed in the United States, we help you register the company through an agent, your personal information will not appear on the publicly disclosed company documents.